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Rockin' Trivia Time!

Multi-Category Trivia Awesomeness

Awesome Opossum Neato Mosquito Trivia!!!
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THE RULES: A new five-question trivia quiz ("round") once a week (or perhaps even more frequently) will be posted as an entry in this community. The correct answers will appear in a comment by the Moderator on the entry (usually the first comment)--no peeking! Also, if you're gonna use any source other than your brain (search engines, the internet, past Trivia Rockout rounds, Trivial Pursuit cards, books, and so forth) to find answers to every (or any) quiz as you're taking it, we don't want you as a member, and folks suspected of acting this way will be penalized for all rounds up to that point in the current game as well as six rounds following (whether in the current game or the next, with bonus rounds counting for one round as well), without warning or justification. If a discussion with various heads of Trivia Rockout is desired, such discussion may take place in a private forum (not on the comment boards of Trivia Rockout posts).

Moderators are to post deadlines along with their Rounds. If no deadline is posted for a Round, the default deadline is the same weekday of the week following the posting of the Round, at 11:59PM. Moderators are encouraged either to subscribe to this default deadline or otherwise be mindful of some players' inabilities to rock out with the Rockout, so to speak, more than once a week (or so). Moderators are encouraged to give advance warning if the deadline is to be sooner than the default deadline would be. After the deadline, players may still answer for 75% credit.

There will be one point awarded for each correctly-answered question (and be wary, for spelling might count!), with a maximum of five points awarded per player per round. The maximum number of points that may be offered by a moderator in a round is 8. Any points to be awarded over 5 must be awarded on a bonus basis, that is, they cannot comprise the essential element of questions in a round. The 10th round will double as a Pre-Bonus Post (PBP), in which a General Category (GC) of bonus question is announced (by the Moderator). Based on the GC (which might be, for instance, "World Geography"--something rather vague, sort of like a "Final Jeopardy!" category) and how many points a player and his opponents have for the current game, he or she will choose whether he or she wants any points gained in the Bonus Round to be applied to the current game's score or the forthcoming game's score. If a player does not include his or her "wager" in the same comment as his or her answers to the 10th Round, he or she is ineligible to gain points in that Bonus Round. If a player does not submit any answers or other comment to the 10th Round, he or she is ineligible to gain points in that Bonus Round. After an amount of time determined by the Moderator in the PBP, the Bonus Post (BP) will be made, in which the Moderator announces the more Specific Category (SC) (for example, if the GC was "World Geography" as in the previous example, the SC might be "Capitals of African Nations") and the time limit for submission of answers (the default deadline will be the same as that prescribed for regular rounds in the paragraph above). Once the BP has been made, point placements or answers for any questions in that current game are no longer eligible for points. Players may submit up to and including TEN (10) answers in a response-comment to the BP. The player who has the most points at the end of the game (combining regulation round points and bonus points if placed in the current game) is the winner! Once the time indicated in the BP or the default deadline time has elapsed, or once everyone who is eligible for bonus points has responded to the BP with their bonus answers, the winner will be announced. A new game may start as soon as the 10th Round/PBP of a given round has been posted, provided the new moderator allows enough time such that his or her game will not end before the previous game.

The order of the past and forthcoming Moderators can be seen in a table at the bottom of this page. I did scoreboards here for the first two games, then figured it was a waste of time if Ron was going to be so dedicated about doing some fancy garbage, so click on the "Official Site" link on this page to see the scoreboard(s) if yer interested!.

RankNamePoints (Out Of 50)
1 babydinosaur 23
2 mildred_pierce 21
3 jodamiller

5 buckhill 18
6 tastee 16
7 jessmiller 15
8 hussla 13
9 hed

11 roark

RankNamePoints (Out Of 50)
1 jabberwocky 36¼
2 thedaneoflawder 30½
3 buckhill 24¾
4 insides 21
5 jessmiller 17¼
6 sonicwishfish 16¼
7 mad_maudlin 16
8 hussla 15¼
9 hed 12¾
10 tastee 12½
11 roark 12
12 mildred_pierce 11½
13 meow4margs 10¾
14 madscientist 10
15 babydinosaur 4

Game No.WinnerFinal Score (Outta 50)Bonus PointsModerator