RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote in trivia_rockout,
RØB Severson

Trivia Rockout: Dire Straits

My friends, we have reached a crucial crossroads. The scoreboards on which we'd come to rely are no more to be, and I, the Head Moderator, Creator, and self-proclaimed Emperor of this Community, don't work a job where I can internet around for hours on end any longer. This is doubly complicated by the notion that by the time I get home at night I don't usually feel like internetting around. I mean, the impossible has occurred: I answered like three rounds in the current game too late to even receive full credit.

So, I am considering retiring the community. Involvement seems to be at an all-time low, for whatever reason. Nobody knows who won the last three games. The last three moderators probably all still have posting access; I'm too lazy to find out. After Josh's game is over, nobody's slated to moderate the next one, and I'm not feelin' it ("it" being "picking up the reins just now"). Has trivia_rockout truly jumped the shark?Maybe in the next 48 hours (or ten minutes, or week and a half, or 73 months) I'll change my mind, but I think after this round, unless someone can submit/suggest an alternative, or have a go at moderating (again or for the first time), or whatever, it's time to put the ol' TR on hold until I/we can come up with a plan for restoring it beyond its former glory. We really did have like 12 people consistently submitting answers for a little while. It always seemed like somehow we should have much more than that, even, though. Oh, but for the days where meow4margs won a game, and everyone chuckled at the witticisms offered up by buckhill and thedaneoflawder...I'm talking about the trivia_rockout glory days of sonicwishfish (the only person to get the V.S. Naipaul question in Game I right), babydinosaur (winner of the first game ever), and lilygish (who knows if she's still alive, let alone a LiveJournal user).

So, say what you will, but for now, starting with the end of this round, alternative suggestions notwithstanding, I thank you all for what support you were willing to give as long as you did so. I don't want to say we've partied our last party, nor would I suggest or recommend un-joining the community, but the outlook isn't pleasant for the Mudville Nine today.

See ya on Jeopardy!, my friends. See ya on Jeopardy!.
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