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Game XVI, Round 1: Explorers

I thought about doing this when I was moderating Game XIII, but am going to follow my idea this time. I'm going to pick one question each from Games I-X and use them as Rounds 1-10 in this game. These are all question which have been asked here before, so lets see how many you remember (especially if you were the one who asked the question)!

"Name the Explorer who is considered to have...
  1. ...been the first to reach the Pacific Ocean by crossing the American continent (1513; Spanish).
  2. ...led the first expedition to travel all the way around the world (1519-1522; Portugese).
  3. ...led the first European expedition to travel around Africa's Cape of Good Hope (1488; Portugese).
  4. ...been the first European to sail to Greenland (982; Norwegian/Icelandic).
  5. ...been the first person to fly over the North Pole (in a dirigible), and the first person to reach the South Pole, becoming also the first person to visit both poles (1926 and 1911, respectively; Norwegian)."
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