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Hey guys I know I posted awhile back asking who was in to rock some new rounds of Trivia_Rockout. I think we're gonna try a format change that will make both scoring and participating a little easier.

This is what I am thinking (feel free to jump in and shoot down anything that sucks or champion anything that rocks or bring something, anything new to the table):

Instead of 10 rounds of 5 questions with a bonus round per game as we've done, we would have 5 rounds of 10 questions and no bonus round per game, where each round lasted exactly (or at least, approximately) a week before the next round was posted. In other words, we'd choose a specific day of the week, and that would always be the day that new trivia was posted. Since it'd only be one day a week that a new round was posted (we'd have to be pretty strict about this), it would be easier to keep a scoreboard, since I (or whoever was the moderator/wanted to do it--I am still not opposed to someone else taking that position of course) could just tally up all of the scores once a week.

In the posting for the new round, the answers for the previous round would be featured (rather than in a comment on the round for which they are the answers). The questions in each round could have a theme, or two themes, or no specific theme at all (themes preferable I guess?).

Also, one of the ten questions (preferably the same numbered question every time--Question #10 would make it easiest probably) would have to be "un-Googleable." I got this idea from the Ken Jennings weekly trivia E-Mails. What I mean is basically that the question would have to be something like "what do the following rock albums have in common?" or "what is unique about the following world cities that applies to no other cities anywhere?" or maybe even like "identify this painting" or "from what movie did this video clip come?" As always we'd be on the honor system not to use search engines or look at the answers (which, as I said, won't be in the comments on the post anymore, and which won't even appear until it's too late to answer them), but this Question #10 would make it much more difficult and interesting, and perhaps we could weight this question separately, or weigh it the same as all the others but keep a special separate tally for Question #10s? That's kinda how Jennings does it too, I don't wanna be a ripoff but it is a pretty good system and I would like to revive this community from COMPLETE DORMANCY and DOWNRIGHT CHODERY.

Plus PRIZES! I could offer prizes. I have enough awesome stuff that I'm likely willing to part with to give out prizes even if the moderator does not want to, but obviously that (or a combination of both) is acceptable. Hell we could give stuff out for 2nd and 3rd, too. In the interests of covering shipping we could solicit donations, which of course would, by no means, be necessary/required to JINE IN THE FUN.

Also I kind of like the idea of E-Mailing your answers in rather than leaving them as comments. That sorta destroys the purpose of an LJ-based trivia game in a way, maybe? Or maybe the answers to the questions COULD be posted in the comments, but just not 'til a week later. HMMM...

Also no half- or partial-points. One question, one point. The end. I was looking at the main scoreboard on the userinfo page here, and I won once with 30 and one-twelfth points...that's just ridiculous. One question, one point.

So what do you guys think? EVERYBODY WEIGH IN HERE, I mean we'll all be playing it, let's hear your thoughts on this new format or anything else really, hell just ask a trivia question or say hello if you want, I just wanna know you guys are still out there and willing to reign down on the LJ online trivia gamin' once again.
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